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6th Annual South Street Art Festival
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Steve Moya 

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If you have a bathroom that demands an overhaul to better fit your lifestyle – whether it’s because you have a cumbersome bathtub and would prefer a space-saving shower, or you have mobility challenges and would like the convenience of a walk-in tub – Bath Expo can provide the renovation you seek. From start to finish we will handle every aspect of your remodel to ultimately deliver a bathroom you will truly enjoy using every day.

Since 1998, Big Sky Mineral Trust has been an active buyer of oil and gas royalties all throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Illinois, New Mexico, Alabama & Colorado etc. We work with private individuals and families to mid-size oil companies.  To get started or to learn more, please contact Serena Kundysek at 817-652-8604.

2018 Proud Sponsors

Specializing in 3-dimensional identity signage design, 3Di will create a brand for your company. From conception to creation we do it all... logo design, collateral design, signage design, in-house manufacturing and installation.

A Mix of Jewelry, Greeting Cards, Clothing, Home Decor and Fun and Unique gifts. Booth spaces available.

Donna J. Smiedt is a board-certified family law specialist and limits her practice to complex family law litigation, including divorce, property division, adoption, child support, paternity and post-divorce modification.

With over 215,000 satisfied customers, LeafFilter is the largest gutter protection company in the nation. From coast to coast, we provide the most effective debris-blocking gutter protection system on the market, paired with an exceptional customer  experience from beginning to end.

Welcome to your new living room. Urban Alchemy is your cozy chair, your favorite meeting space and go-to place to celebrate. Arlington's very first, locally-owned coffee and wine bar in the heart of downtown.

For more than 140 years, we've been setting and resetting the standard of health, safety, responsibility and beauty.
Some are satisfied with the status quo, never thinking to challenge what's possible or to imagine what could be. Our passion for a better tub, toilet, faucet, sink, and better world never stops flowing.
We don't punch out early. Or settle for second best. Because every day, people at home, around town and around the globe - from houses to hotels, master baths to Major League stadiums, colleges to the kitchen sink - depend on our products to work and to wow, to fit in and to stand out.
Whether that means enjoying retirement in their own homes, a cappuccino in their own kitchens or going hands-free in their hometown stadiums, only one brand has merged beauty, performance and

eco-friendly design to improve the lives of people and the well being of our planet.